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This tool is a pretty clock and an intuitive timer. Transparency, colors, position and size can be adjusted. It's
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10 June 2011

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Those who are looking towards giving their computing experience a brand new make over every now and then will perhaps know how boring the traditional Windows Clock, with the same aging look and extremely limited functions, can be at times. Luckily enough, the recent few years have seen many tools trying to address this “predictability issue” of the Windows standard clock by bringing out their own products. Some of them failed miserably, some apparently turned in to being carriers of malicious codes, while only a few could sustain the burden of expectations from the tech savvy community. Easy Timer Plus 2.0 is exactly an example of the last category, having attained considerable amount of success since its release.

Easy Timer Plus 2.0 is a pretty smart tool, with an “eye candy” design. Its interface in dark and faded Yellow (by default, but changeable) tells you the time in both digital as well as analogue mode. The clock brings along a number of advanced, and fully customizable features. The most outstanding feature that the clock can boast of is its alarm function. You can choose the alarm tone from a list of over 35 pre-loaded tunes, or if that does not seem to be enough for you, you can use your own audio files as well. A wide range of formats including MP3, WMA, Wave, Ogg, Flac amongst others are supported. You can customize the color, size as welll the transparency of the clock according to your own needs. Also, the alarm can be set at multiple timings. Apart from that, you can also set the alarm for the purpose of waking up your computer at a specified time.

To conclude with, Easy Timer Plus 2.0 is truly a handy tool that certainly meets up with the expectations that the users have from it. Hence it gets a score of four rating point on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

This smart tool offers great features that make it a pretty desktop clock and a very simple and intuitive alarm clock at once.
Easy Timer Plus is an easy-to-use timer with many advanced features that are fully customizable. You can set up the alarm sound by choosing from over 35 pre-installed or selecting your own audio file (MP3, WMA, Wave, Ogg, FLAC and other formats are supported). The transparency, colors, position and size of the alarm clock can be adjusted as needed. The alarm type can be set to alert for a specified number of times or until deactivated. Moreover, it's possible to wake the computer up on alarm time.
Other features are custom actions after the alarm like executing a program, enabling standby mode or shutting down the computer. Helpful is the separated analog desktop clock which displays all needed information such as the current time, remaining time until alarm or the alarm progress.
Easy Timer Plus is able to easily set up multiple presets as well. This ability will help you to manage your personal preferences and needs of settings in the simplest way: You can save or load them and choose which will be set on program start-up.
Easy Timer Plus doesn't need an installation, is portable, very efficient and user friendly. It's designed as a quick and easy solution to remind you for an upcoming event or just to serve as a nice desktop clock. Download the free trial!
Easy Timer Plus
Easy Timer Plus
Version 2.1
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Great looking alarm clock for an even better price - definitely worth it!
Clark W.
Great looking timer utility!!
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